Fluorocarbon Lines & Leaders

100 % Fluorocarbon Lines & Leaders

Available in these spool sizes:
[ 25 Yd. Fly | 25 Yd. Wrist | 50 Yd. Wrist | 100 Yd. Wrist ]
[ 200 Yd. Filler | 1lb | Ice Line ]

*Available in 25, 50,100,and 200 yard spools. Bulk spools in various pound Test!

*Great Prices.

*100 % Fluorocarbon made for fishing not the commercial grade sold by other countries. We have the only German Manufactured 100 % Fluorocarbon

*The Ultimate... stealthy approach for leaders

*20 % less strentch and a higher abrasion resistance compared to Mono

*Very supple which makes it easier to tie knots, no memory at all!

*Crystal clear even in the higher lb test, doesn't have that "Milky" look of other Fluorocarbons sold.

*Fluorocarbon has a higher density, which adds line weight and creates a smoother surface, which means it will cast better!

*Great on your bait caster or spinning rod. Works best for any application where you need the line to sink fast!