About Our Company

Company Description
Triple Fish International is located in Clermont, Florida the fishing capitol of the United States. Produced by the world's largest line manufacturer and sold in more than 85 countries worldwide. We have exclusive rights to bring Triple Fish direct to you the consumer. Triple Fish offers the toughest and most versatile lines for any fishing condition.

Introduced to North America over two decades ago, Triple Fish immediately caught the attention of saltwater and freshwater anglers. Innovators of the "Original" Saltwater Leader and known throughout the world for the original "Camo" Line. Today we continue to meet high standards and expectations of anglers worldwide.

Our mission is to supply all anglers the finest fishing lines and leaders at a reasonable price. We strive to raise our service levels and pass those values along to you; our customers. We will continue to provide the very best in quality fishing lines for today's angler.